our story

It all began with a 2 year old and an advent calendar. 

It was Christmas 2022 and in the midst of a global pandemic, when Deanna decided to dust off her family’s advent calendar and participate in the tradition with her then 2 year old son.

Hanging on the pantry door, the daily routine of the calendar became a focal sense of peace, love, and happiness during the hectic mornings before she headed to work and he headed to daycare. Every morning leading up to Christmas day, her son would jump out of bed with excitement to “do the calendar with mama”. Pregnant with her second child, working all day, and overwhelmed by life’s stressors,  Deanna took this as an opportunity to have one positive moment with her child daily, before the rush of the day began. So many teachable moments were made during this time that inspired a sense of vitality and value in this simple tradition. When the holiday season was over and the advent calendar got packed away for next year, Deanna and her son both missed that time together and that is when Deanna’s “mom/teacher brain” kicked into gear…

She began to ask herself how she could incorporate a daily routine that was quick and interactive, but most importantly, instilled positivity and mindfulness for both her and her children. Simultaneously struggling with her own postpartum mental health, Deanna started to incorporate a practice of positive affirmations into her car ride commute. She wanted to give her children and her students those same tools to achieve happiness, self- love and acceptance. 

The Mindset Tapestry is a culmination of Deanna’s personal journey with mental health, her love for her children, and the countless students who have made lasting impressions on her life. She hopes that the tapestry can impact children all over the world in a way that inspires their self-worth and instills deep connections between them and their loved ones.